8 Sure-Fire Ways to Attract Customers this Holiday Season!

‘Tis the season to go shopping, and here’s a list of ways your business can attract new customers and give your existing customers a treat this holiday season!



It’s all about visual merchandising! Get into the holiday spirit and give your business a temporary makeover to be on trend.

If you have a storefront, put up lights in the window and change up the visual appeal from the street.

Inside, you can have more lights and lots of sparkle and color to make the place pop! Tablecloths on display tables or in areas where you consult clients can make an immediate impact.


Holiday Display

Create a display by the front door so your shop packs a punch when your customer walks in.

If you have a boutique, create a display with ribbons and wrapped gifts and items you sell that would make great gifts. (Keep little stocking stuffers up by the register for impulse buys you or your staff can recommend to shoppers!)

Do you run a service business? You can have a display of frames decorated with ribbons showcasing your services. Simply scattering a few sparkly ornaments on the table among the items really adds a finishing touch.


Staff Presentation

Why not add a little bling to your everyday wear at the shop? Create a uniform look to everyone working coordinating holiday colors, or an add-on to everyone’s name tag.

It doesn’t have to be tacky, but something silly like blinking necklaces or antler headbands for everyone working to wear will give your customers something to smile about!


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Sounds of the Season

In addition to the sights, you can bring the feeling of the season into your shop with holiday music.

There are radio stations that play holiday music 24/7, and if you don’t have a built-in speaker system, having a radio or speaker at the entrance or near the register playing softly will set the tone.


Cards to Show Appreciation

With every receipt, you can include a Christmas card or a simple postcard-type card to say ‘thank you’ to your customer. You can give a really personal touch my signing each card (who wouldn’t feel special getting a thank you from the owner?).

You can also include a discount or promotion that encourages them to come back after the New Year.

Remember to always include your business info!


Free Gift with Purchase

Everyone loves to get something for free! This is the time of year to be creative.

You can offer bundled packages of items or services that would be more expensive if purchased individually. Within this bundle, you can highlight the promotional price or identify a “free” item within it.

A free gift can also mean complimentary gift packaging or something that can double as a marketing item that includes your business info like a mini tin of mints, a nice pen, or something that goes along with your type of business.


Charity Drive

A lot of charities take the opportunity to reach out to consumers this time of year. You can open the doors to a charity to be a sponsor or to help out by being a place donations can be collected. The charity will be more than willing to give you everything you need to tell others about the charity.


Exclusive Event

What is better than having a great party?

This can be a ‘glamorized’ sale where you promote your business while giving your customers a discount during the event, and make the whole thing snazzy with food and even entertainment – live music is perfect, and there’s always someone who has a relative or friend who has a band or plays an instrument!


It’s a great time of year, and changing up your business routine is always refreshing for your customers, your staff, and of course yourself.

If this is your first time really getting into the holiday spirit with your business, it may take a little more effort to get the word out. Think positive, and keep in mind what you do will set the stage for future events (and even next Christmas). Your customers will remember the experience they had, and if it’s a great one, your events will gain momentum season over season.

Whatever you choose to do, make it memorable, and always spread the word on social media!


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