Are Credit Card Points More Important?

TGIF!  This week I continued using cash instead of using my credit card to pay for everything.  Using strictly cash is fairly new for me, so I’m not 100% about it yet.  We have a credit card that earns points that we pay off every month.  By using our credit card, we earned points FAST.  And because we pay it off every month, we budget a certain amount and try not to go over it.  Notice I say try.  Sometimes it’s too easy to whip out the plastic to pay for little things I wouldn’t break a twenty for.  That’s where the cash comes in.

I’ve been doing the cash-only method for a few months now.  The first month went great. I followed my budget and only used the cash I had on hand.  In the second month, I got a little bombarded from expenses.  A few things rolled over from the previous month, and we had to deal with them.  Now I’m in the third month, and it’s going OK.  I was able to prepare for our camping trip, but I was not prepared for what I ended up spending while visiting my parents.

It’s tricky because with the credit card, I checked my balance weekly and reconciled the statement against my budget.  With cash, I have to keep receipts and write expenses down, not to mention all the little receipts and really long receipts that are bundling up in my pockets.  I’m not too good with that and sometimes lose track of the single dollar bills I give to the kids or the change I throw in tip jars.  I definitely need to improve in this area so I can see where our money is going!

I want to keep going with the cash method, but my mouth literally dropped open when I checked my points balance on our credit card – over 100,000!!  That is at least two domestic plane tickets!!  Part of me thinks it’s well worth the $95 annual fee we have to pay, but another part of me knows how easy it is to use a credit card vs paying cash.

What’s your opinion about

using cash or a credit card ?


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