How I made over $250 in 10 Days WITHOUT Blogging!

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I’m going to tell you how I made over $250 in 10 days without blogging. This is something I would’ve started doing so much sooner if I knew it existed!

I confess it’s a little weird for me to talk about this because I’ve been brought up to not talk about how much money you make. It’s just bad manners, but I know if you want to make something of yourself, you have to push boundaries. I love the freedom that comes with working on my own, and those of us who do it should be able to share the wealth of info we have without worrying about political correctness!


I am more than grateful when someone shares their success secrets with me

I don’t agree I have to keep everyone guessing, and I actually don’t like people making assumptions about me, so why not just tell them! Sometimes it’s a bad idea to keep secrets! I’m going to share with you how I made this money so you can do it too. I think of it as my way to pay it forward. It’s helpful information I learned from someone else, and I’m passing it along. It’s also a way to hold myself accountable for reaching my income goals.


Extra money without blogging?!

This money isn’t from a part-time job, and it’s not from rental income. Most of all, it’s NOT from my blog! How I made over $250 in less than a couple of weeks without a blog was from my side hustles. I have been finding ways to make extra money while my kids are at school to contribute to my family’s income. Working when I want to means I can enjoy my morning cup of coffee in peace, I can go on my kids field trips with them (first time ever!), and I can run errands in the afternoon while other people are stuck at work and won’t make it to the bank by 5pm.


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The money I made in 10 days might not be much to some, but it means something to me because I know it’s just the beginning. I’m excited about it because it was still summer vacay for my kiddos, and I was still figuring out how the process works. I know the following weeks will be better, and I’ll share that story with you again next month!


Here is how I made over $250 in 10 days without a blog…

•  Freelance writing/editing: $ 71.52

•  Consumer Panelist: $ 26.00

•  Rebate websites: $ 14.40

•  Mystery shopping: $ 144.88

= $256.80!


The freelance work was a few jobs I picked up on content writing websites. There’s a lot out there, but two that have been around a while are Fiverr and Upwork. A lot of people refer to these types of writing companies as “content mills”, but they’re actually great places to get some practice writing and make some money doing it. You can choose which jobs you want so you’re comfortable with what you’re asked to write.

As a consumer panelist, I tested digital products online and was paid to do it. I started doing this a year or so ago and learned that in the beginning you’re offered low paying jobs, and after you prove yourself, the comapany will offer you higher paying panelist studies. It makes sense because since you never sit in front of anyone for an actual interview, the companies want to make sure you’re legit!

Anther way I’ve been making money for a while now is by earning cash rebates online. I do it by doing my online shopping using,, and There are many, many more out there, but these are my top three I go to because IMO, they give the best cash back deals.

At the beginning, you’ll probably make the most money as a mystery shopper. I’m not 100% how I first learned about mystery shopping, but it’s an interesting gig. I wrote a whole post on it, and you can read about How to Make Money as a Mystery Shopper here.

TIP: Different companies cover different types of mystery shops. I recommend signing up to more than one company in order to be introduced to different mystery jobs. This way you also have a larger pool of jobs available to you.

For example, last month I mystery shopped a car dealership and got a free oil change + tire rotation for $84.88, and I got $20 cash just for completing the shop. I don’t need another oil change for a while (plus the company requires so many miles in between oil changes), so I probably won’t use that company for a while.

The remaining $40.00 from mystery shops was from another company in which I did two cash paying shops. One was for competitor pricing, and the other required I take photos of the outside of a building for an insurance company. I had the option with another mystery shopping company to receive $425 if I stayed at a hotel. My stay would have included dinner, cocktails, and breakfast. I didn’t take it because I usually aim for jobs that pay cash instead of reimbursing me for an activities.

You might be turned off from something called “mystery shopping”, but it’s not sneaky or sleazy at all. It’s actually the opposite – think of it as a way to help a company improve their customer service. You’re not seeking out the bad about something, you’re giving your feedback about your experience.

It’s seriously like giving a review, only this is for the company with the intention the company is going to improve themselves if there’s an issue.

Here’s a quick example what you do as a mystery shopper…

Scenario: You choose a job to shop a store called ABC Market because it’s in the town where you live, and you have to go that side of town to do something else anyway. The company sends you an email with information what they want you to do, and you review the questions the company will ask you to answer online after you perform the shop. Ultimately you are a regular customer, but what you are getting paid to do is notice details and follow the instructions given to you.

On the day of the shop, you drive to the location and park in the parking lot as a regular customer.  This might be making sure the parking lot is clean, taking a photo of the front of the building outside, etc.

You enter the store and notice the store employees, what they are doing, the store cleanliness, and how you are helped by the employee(s) during your visit. Your instructions may require you ask certain questions to make sure the store employees have knowledge about certain products. You may also have to make a small purchase (reimbursed, of course). You make sure to get a receipt and leave the store.

The length of your store visit was only 15 minutes!

The questionnaire that follows usually has to be completed within 8-24 hours after your shop, and you’ll have to submit any photos you were required to take as well as a photo of your receipt.

How easy was that?!

There are so many opportunities for side hustles

I’m amazed about how many ways there are to make money without needing a big degree or having to get interviewed for a j-o-b. I’ve read many stories online and am been blown away about all the women who work for themselves and make a killing every month doing it by themselves. If I knew about this when I was in college, I would have had waaaay less student debt!


3 ways to make money without a blog:

•  Write articles for Fiverr and/or Upwork

•  Join rebate websites like Ebates, TopCashback, and Mr. Rebates (it’s FREE !)  I’ve been using them for years. It’s great to get a big fat check, especially after buying a lot of Christmas presents (hint, hint!).

•  Become a mystery shopper and consumer panelist.  Read Kristin Lawson’s amazing e-course called, “Side Hustle to Success”. It’s jam packed with ways to make extra money and tells you exactly what companies she used for her mystery shopping and consumer panelist gigs. Kristin has been making money with side hustles since 2015 and now makes over $20,000 a month! It’s a great course and goes beyond explaining the basics – Kristin tells you exactly which websites to go to. All you have to do is sign up! I learned so much more than I already knew from taking Kristin’s course, and you can read more about her story here.

Tip: It’s important to know which companies are legitimate because there are some scams out there. A legitimate company will NEVER ask you for money!


To make good money, be organized and take the work seriously

I had started working solo a couple years ago, but I had a toddler at home with me. Back then we were also starting our property management business, and I was renovating a 4 story house circa 1900 (yikes!). After a few mystery shopping gigs, I decided to wait a while. Only once in a while do mystery shops require you be alone, but one big piece of advice I can give you is if you want to concentrate on anything, don’t bring 4 kids with you! It’s an easy way to make money, but if you want to make good money doing it, you have to be organized and tell yourself to be serious about it. My littlest one is starting school this year, so it’s now my time to get back to work!


Upcoming goals to achieve

My goal is to make an extra $1000 per month with side hustles. Either you’re saying “That’s it?” or you wonder how I’m going to do it with 4 kids, a house, and our other businesses. If you’re the former, thank you 🙂 That is the motivation I need!

I’m a procrastinator, so organizing my daily schedule is another important goal. It will keep my stress levels down and allow me to get everything done. It’s going to take a little time, and I’m looking forward to this new line of work.


What ways do you make money on the side? I’d love to know!


*Note: This post contains affiliate links to help fund this blog.  Thanks for your support!

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