Make Money Doing What You Love

There are three words to explain how to make money doing what you love to do…


People say you if you are passionate about what you do, you won’t work a day in your life. Quite the opposite – you’re probably going to work harder than you ever have before! You won’t notice the work as doing actual work because you’ll be following your passion to make money.

There are days that I work tirelessly, and it seems like everything is coming at me at the same time.  When I finally get to slow down a little with work, I have everything else to do that comes with running a household, being a mom, and all the other stuff a person needs to do (shower, please!).

When I was a business consultant working for a large company, it used to be common for me to work 65+ hours a week and be exhausted without being able to get anything else done.  I answered to a supervisor and got a paycheck that only increased with my annual raise. The biggest difference between then and now is that my hard work and tireless efforts affect me directly and I make money for myself, not through a supervisor that has his own $-!# to do.

I’m my own boss now – I make money doing what I love to do!

It was one day at work while I was meeting with a store manager that I started dreaming about my future. We were talking about life other than work, and he told me, “If your home is a mess, your life is a mess.”


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There must have been 1000 different thoughts that flashed through my mind after he told me that because it totally described my life! There was always a mountain of dishes in the sink, dinner was never what it could be, and my two little daughters were stuck in daycare.  I wasn’t happy, and because I wasn’t happy, I know I was not bringing a ton of joy to my family.  It wasn’t long after that I decided there was something else I should be doing in my life.

I began to read everything I could about small business, selling online, and whatever else popped up during my research. I wrote goals down and taped them on the wall by my computer. I was going in a lot of different directions while still working full-time. Life got harder for awhile, but I always kept my goal in mind.


What does it mean to have a passion for something?

My passion was in searching to find something new to make my life better. That hunger to change was what was driving me to stay up late to work on my small biz ideas.  My goal of quitting my job and working for myself to make money was the light at the end of the tunnel. My passion was the fuel to get me there.

Having a goal made me happier inside, but I needed a plan to get there. I didn’t realize it then, but it was 3 words that would be the answer to my search.

Everyone has passion for something. It’s what keeps you up at night or what you can’t live without. People turn their passion into a business every day.  You can make profit from your passion too, and you need to realize the profit is more than just money.  Your mind will profit from it by what you learn, and your life will be enriched from it. To truely succeed, you have to take it step by step.

It’s really important you understand this is not a get rich quick scheme! If you want to make money doing what you love to do, you have to take it step by step. It’s going to take time to grow.

It’s kind of like the flywheel on a bike.  When you first start pedaling, it’s tough. Then when you keep pushing the pedals, it becomes more fluid, and the bike goes faster and faster.  Soon the bike is moving forward on its own, and you just need to steer and pedal to keep it going.


Find Your Passion and Make Money Doing It

What is it you love to do?  Make a list and write all of your ideas down. All of them! Do you see a pattern or can you group them into different subjects?

Maybe you love sewing at night, grilling in the summer, and playing with your kids after school.  These are all things you do. They’re hands-on activities.

Let’s look at a few more items on the list.  Maybe you love doing crafts with your kids, and trying new recipes. Along with sewing, these are all creative activities – see the pattern?

So you’ll have categories for your passions, such as hands-on activities and creative activities. Anything else? Maybe you love taking pictures of your kids while they work on their crafts, or you like to take photos of the food you grill and show your friends on Facebook or Instagram. Boom! Photography is another hands-on creative passion.

Now that you’ve made your list of every silly thing you do and actually found a common theme or groups of similar activities, you need to know if you can build a business out of it.


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Plan your passion around your business concept…

It’s not the other way around!

Business is a neverending learning curve. If you think you know everything, you’re probably not going to make it as a business owner. Even the most successful people learn something new either from experiencing it or by making it part of their plan.

How your passion fits into your business depends on what you love to do versus what you need to do to run your business.

Researching and learning about your passion is important here. Go to your library and check out all the books you can about “market research”. Some books will speak to you and some books won’t be a good fit for you, that’s why I suggest you get FREE resources at your library.

Tip: make sure the books are current and haven’t been published 10 years ago! Business moves fast, especially with today’s technology, so you need current information.

Once you learn about target markets, niche markets, and business models, you’ll have a better understanding how your business will need you to utilize your passion(s) to help run the business. It will also tell you what will and won’t work as a business concept.

Once you have separated your business idea from your passion and understand how each can help the other, you’ll need to create a business plan.

A business plan is very important! Start with a draft – you should definitely have at least an outline of your business plan to start. That way you’ll have something written down to keep in mind as you learn more before starting your business. If you refuse to put a simple plan together, you may make money at the beginning, but you won’t succeed in the long run.


Make money from your passion

You can search online about what you’re passionate about and see thousands of results. The thought of turning your passion into a business may feel overwhelming, and you might find yourself talking yourself out of it – everyone is already doing it, so why even bother?

It can be discouraging, I know. Tell yourself to stop thinking negative and think of the possibilities instead!

What’s important is to really understand there is only one of you in the whole world, and you bring a unique perspective to what so many others love to do, too.  On top of that, you won’t be working for someone else to reap the rewards anymore, you’ll be working for yourself.

So what do you do to make the most out of all your hard work?


You can make money doing what you love with three words: streams of income.

If you’ve ever talked to an financial planner, they will almost always tell you to “diversify your portfolio”. That means you should have many different ways to make money instead of relying on one method.  So, instead of relying 100% on your savings account to help you save money, you might also have some savings bonds and invest a little in the stock market.

The principle of diversifying is useful to anyone! Teachers use different methods to teach their students because everyone learns differently. Your neighbor uses different tools and watering methods to keep their yard green. You have diverse ways to save money when shopping by using coupons, shopping when items are sale, or even going to different stores that carry the same item(s) for a lower price.

You need to think of your business the same way! Going back to the idea that you love to do hands-on, creative activities such as sewing. You probably have a lot of info in your brain you can share with others!

Here are a few ideas how you can create streams of income…

• You can start a blog about sewing techniques, sharing your sewing experiences, and maybe things you should and shouldn’t do when sewing. You can make money on your blog by having sewing related advertisements and links that refer your readers to products and services having to do with sewing (these are called “affiliates”).

• You can sell sewing patterns or short books (called “e-books”) online on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, or Shopify.

• During the holidays (Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day especially), you can sell sewing items in person at craft fairs and festivals.

• You can give sewing classes – it’s not difficult and attracts people of all ages. I am not an avid seamstress by any means, so I paid for my daughter to take some sewing classes at Joann Fabrics (and I had to go to a store a little ways away because our closest store doesn’t give classes!).

Turn Your Passion Into Business


Having different streams of income not only diversifies how you make money doing what you love, but it also gives your life variety. You may find you make more money doing one thing and not the other, or you may like the work of one stream of income more than another. As you learn and grow, you can adjust what you do – remember, you are your own boss now!


If you have any fears or questions about venturing out on your own, feel free to contact me – I am always here to help, and I want you to be sure you are ready for this big step!

Are you ready to take your first step but need a little inspiration? Ask yourself these 3 questions first!


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