Find More Affiliates for Your Product with a Referral System

It’s imperative to have an online marketing strategy to gain leads when running your own business.

Whether you’re a blogger, creative entrepreneur, or you have a brick and mortar business, you will grow your brand by building a strong network of individuals eager to refer your product or service to others in the future.

You can get more leads using a basic, 3 step referral system comprised of your target market, an incentive, and measured results.


You can get more leads using a basic, 3 step referral system made of a target market, incentive, and measured results. Click To Tweet


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  • Know your Target Market

The first step is to find people who are a good match for your business and will bring value to your product or service. Building an email list is a good way to find those who will effectively promote your brand. Essentially, you want to use a webpage or blog as a “hub” to gather email subscribers. Your email list is something successful online businesses swear by. You then have a group of people interested in your business, and you can send them email newsletters to provides them with consistent and valuable information will further strengthen your network. You can also utilize your email list to reach out and ask for referrals.

  • Give your Email Subscribers an Incentive

You need a killer incentive in order to encourage your target audience to actively refer others to your business or product. Cash is usually the most popular option, but you can also give a free version of your product or service. This will increase the likelihood that the people who respond to your incentive are those who truly care about what you have to offer. These people are essentially now your clients now and are ideal for your referral network because they will be more eager to share their story about how your product or service helped them. This will result in a higher quality referral, generating more leads for you.

  • Measure the Results of Your Referral Campaign

Tracking and measuring the results of your referral campaign needs to be an integral part of your strategy. Many freelance business owners fall short in this area, resulting in poor lead results. Monitoring your referrals’ traffic through analytical data will help you identify what lead tactics work and what kind of training your referral partners may benefit from. You can improve your overall referral campaign by making small adjustments and measuring the results after each.

It takes a lot of hard work to create and execute an effective referral system. In the long run, you will strengthen your brand and your efforts will be paid back exponentially.


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