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Guess what? Your experience with is going to get better.  I found something that helps you find the lowest price on Amazon so you get a great deal.  It’s called Honey, and it not only helps you to save money on Amazon, but it also automatically looks for coupon codes when you shop online at thousands of other stores like Walmart, Groupon, and

Honey will find a coupon code for you or alert you if you’re eligible for a cashback bonus


The cashback option is similar to that of Ebates, but the big difference is you save a big step by not needing to go searching for a coupon code.  I have had an item sell out from under my nose because I was double-checking if there was a coupon code or cashback option available.  Frustrating!

When you use Honey to shop on Amazon, you’ll see a new button under the price of an item.  It will either tell you it’s the best deal, show you there’s a better deal elsewhere on Amazon, or let you know there’s been price changes.  If the item’s price fluctuates, you can ask Honey to alert you when there’s a price drop!  It’s a really helpful feature.

Let me break it down a little bit more…


Amazon hacks


Here is a planner selling on Amazon.  Everything looks the same as usual, except for the orange button from Honey.  Where I circled in red shows the item is being sold for $2.92 less by someone else on Amazon!




There are two colors available for the item, so I chose the lavender planner to make sure the price is still the same.  It is, so I clicked on the Honey button, and it showed me who has the better price and gave me the option to add it to my cart from that screen.




The other thing that can happen is the Honey button can alert you the item has had price changes, such as this set of desk accessories.  Honey showed me here that the item had 17 price changes (!) so I clicked the button and went to ‘view price history’.

If you like to see proof with hard data like me, this next tidbit might interest you…


Amazon Price Drop analyzer


Honey showed me that within the past 30 days, the desk accessory kit has had 17 price changes.  This is helpful if you want to see if an item is steadily decreasing in price or going way up.  In this case, there was a drop in July and a price spike in August.

This is a pricing strategy by the Amazon seller

Because I’ve been shopping around with my 4 kids needing school supplies, I know there are generally sales in July at most stores, online or not.  With school around the corner, stores raised their prices in August to take advantage of the last minute rush.

If you’re not in a hurry to buy an item from Amazon, this feature can be really helpful

I can assume that if I wait a little bit, the price of the planner is going to dip a little more, and I can buy it at a lower price.  That’s when you can select “Add to Drop List”, and Honey will add the item to your watch list and alert you when the price drops.


If you’re ready to find the best deals on Amazon, you can join Honey here.  If you need help, read on because I’m going to briefly explain a little more.



I went to here and signed up with only two pieces of information: my email address and a password to use on the Honey website.  After that, you are taken to a screen to install Honey on your Google Chrome browser.  Make sure you are not using Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Honey only works on Google Chrome.  If you don’t have it and want to install it, you can get the free download here.  I like it because it’s fast with all that Google stuff we love.


Save money Amazon


When you’re ready to add Honey, just click on the orange “download” button, and it will take care of the rest.

That’s it!  You’re ready to save even more on Amazon 🙂


You can go to your Honey account and explore a whole lot more it has to offer, but my favorite is Amazon.  I also like that it does NOT overload you with unnecessary pop-ups like some extensions out there wanting you to collect points and bucks for every little thing.


Amazon deals


You will see this little Honey icon in the top corner of your screen when you’re online.  That’s Honey working for you.  Honey is a very useful tool that does its job well.  Go ahead and join Honey now!


How much have you saved with Honey?  Share your story in the comments below!

*Note: This post contains affiliate links to help fund this blog.  Thanks for your support!

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