First. Post. Ever.

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Here it is, my first post ever! I’m gonna dive right in and tell you a bit about myself. I turned 40 a few months ago, I’m a retired small business coach, a wife, and a mom to 4 kids. I say ‘retired’ so I don’t have to say “I quit my job”. For over 10 years I worked as a small business consultant for a global corporation— I loved what I did, but I chose to give it up to raise my kids and help my husband with his small business. We also run a small property management company in which half a dozen rental units are our own.

At the time I was quitting my job, my hubs was leaving his job to venture on his own. He no longer had a supervisor to call-in to when one of the kids were sick (we were just a family of 5 back then), or because of some random day of no school (I’m sure a whole lot of you can relate). Oh! Don’t forget snow days too!

Now I’m at a crossroads in life, and it’s both exciting and scary to be facing it. All of my kids will be in school soon, and I can’t see myself eating bon-bons and sitting on the couch all day. So, do I get back into the workforce? Go back to school? Or do I venture further on my trail of being self-employed? I want to share these endeavors with you along with all the budgeting and personal quotas that challenge my life.

You’re more than welcomed to come with me!

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