How You Can Make Money Earning Swagbucks

I just rejoined Swagbucks, an online rewards program and easy way to earn money.  The company is owned by Prodege, LLC and ultimately collects consumer data for research and product development.  As a participant, you earn money in terms of points called “Swagbucks”—SB for short—and redeem them for gift cards.  There are hundreds of stores to choose from including Amazon, Walmart, and Target.  You also have the option to earn money by redeeming your points for cash deposited directly into your Paypal account!

Since my goals for this year is to earn extra money, I decided to give Swagbucks another try.  I originally signed up at about 4-5 years ago but didn’t have a lot of interest in their program.  They have improved a lot since then!  You have numerous ways to earn points, such as using their web browser when you surf the web and using their rebate feature similar to the cashback site  These are the two methods I primarily use to collect SBs.

You can also fill out consumer surveys, watch info-videos, and even play games.  You have the freedom to pick and choose how you want to collect SBs to earn money.  I think the extra money will be used to treat myself to coffee since I dramatically cut down on that luxury last year.  If you need another opinion about the company, shares real user reviews about Swagbucks here.

One more note: a tip I read in a post by is to cash out often.  Some people save up for big gift cards, but it doesn’t make a difference.  In my opinion, it’s better to have a credit in your Amazon account or some actual gift cards in my hands than a lot of unredeemed points.  Also, keep in mind this is not going to get you rich, but it helps you to earn money doing things you already do every day.

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