Why You Need a Mood Board to Give Your Blog + Biz Style

A mood board is a collection or collage of colors, words or messages, typography and fonts you like, and images that you feel drawn to.  It is used as a guide to help you create the style for your business, also known as your ‘brand’.  Susan at aytm.com explains the five factors that define a brand here.

You might have heard mood boards referred to as inspiration boards or vision boards.  The concept is basically the same for all of them, but the difference lies in what you want to accomplish when you create them.

Mood boards are used by designers

I’m not a graphic designer by any means although I love typography and the harmony of color palettes – my Pinterest boards are filled with them!

Graphic designers and marketing companies create mood boards for their clients to evoke a certain feeling when looking at a blog, website, or business.  When you create one for yourself, you choose what appeals to you, assemble it on a board, and see where it takes you.

A mood board doesn’t need to be fancy

You’re creating it for yourself to organize and conceptualize a theme from a business standpoint, and to communicate that to others.

Blog branding mood board


Before I started my blog, I found myself clipping pretty photos from magazines and pinning them to a cork board I had in front of my desk.  As time went on, I could see a pattern emerging from what I was pinning to the board – certain colors and textures that created a certain feeling.  Words that described what I wanted to describe to others, and the style of letters that I liked (fonts).  That is what you’re aiming to do.

When you step back from your board, you will see if you like a sophisticated look, a rustic feel, or a modern/contemporary vibe.  It can be artsy or with an arts & crafts feel.  It can be whatever you want it to be to draw in that certain person who you are looking to read your blog or visit your website.

If you have a more sophisticated look, you will probably go for black and white with gold accents, a crisp font, and give an overall “bold and glamourous” feel.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for an arts & crafts type of person, you’ll gravitate towards natural tones, flowers and a rustic or handwritten font to give a more down-to-earth, handmade feeling.

Mood boards direct you when you can go in all different directions

You want to use your mood board to help you create what your blog + biz are all about.  When someone visits your post or site, they will either identify with it or not.  That is what a brand is: an experience.  There are a lot of websites and blogs that have a very basic look.  They’re probably giving straightforward information or used for reference.  Wikipedia.com is an example of that.

Blog Pixie is an absolute fav blog I follow.  If you’re handy with Photoshop, she has created a free template for you here.  Enjoy!


What different kinds of things do you have on your mood board?  Share in the comments below!


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    1. Hi Theresa! It really helps to make your blog look cohesive. From what you create on your mood board, you can carry the theme through to your social media sites.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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