Setting Goals You Can Achieve

Today I’m setting goals for the next 12 rolling months, until summer 2018!  I simply wrote them in a notebook in no particular order.  I wanted them get them out of my thoughts and onto paper where I can work with them from there.  Setting goals gives you something to work towards.  These goals need to have hard numbers and need to be realistic, but not too easy either.  Your goals can be adjusted as you progress, so no worries!  What’s important is you write them down somewhere for you to use as a guide.  It can be in a notebook, on your smartphone, anything as long as you do it!

When I was in college, I wanted to join the Army (nevermind that, I decided to ‘pursue other opportunities’ afterwards).  The point is, I needed to lose 19 pounds according to my medical eval.  What I did was write “Lose 19 pounds” on sticky notes and posted them in a couple of key areas: on the bathroom mirror and on the wall next to my apartment door.  Guess what?  Within a few monthsI’m not exactly sure how many because that was a long time agoI reached my goal and ended up losing 24 pounds!  It was keeping my goal in the front of my mind by writing it down and I took it a step further with the sticky notes.

Setting goals for yourself or your family is important for everyone.  The following are my goals, not only pertaining to my finances, but for my personal well being:

Save 20% down payment for a house

We bought some land early this year, and now we need a house to go with it.  It’s going to be our ‘forever home’ until we go RV’ing in our golden years (that’s a post for another time).  We interviewed a couple of general contractors and have an idea how much we need to put down (yikes!).  FYI, we want to avoid PMI.

Start exercising regularly

I’ve been chanting the mantra, “Fit in my forties,” since I was in my late 30s.  We bought an elliptical machine last November, and I’ve probably used it for a total of one week!  If I could exercise for at least 3 times a week, that would be great for me.

Lose 10lbs

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the exercising, but I’d like to drop some of the weight that I gained through my four pregnancies.  Exercise and eating better will help with this one.

Make regular meals for my family

This is a big one because I don’t like to cook!  Don’t get me wrong, I watch Food Network and would LOVE to be a whiz in the kitchen, but I confess I’m not and want to improve on that.  Waiting until the last minute when my hubs is already home from work to open the refrigerator and see nothing for dinner is very stressful on both of us.


Make an extra $1000 per month

This is a biggie.  I’m going to move it towards the top of my list alongside saving for our house because they go hand-in-hand.  Making this extra money will help pay for school tuition and building our emergency fund.  Making extra money for our family will be comprised of side hustles but won’t include rental income.  I’ve done things in the past like mystery shopping to make money on the side, and I’d like to build on it.  Plus, being in control and having a flexible schedule is really appealing to me.


So, I think those are pretty attainable goals to start with, especially since I also have a house to run and 4 kids to raise!  Not to mention my hubs who deserves some applause for supporting my crazy plans.


Setting goals can be a challenge

What are some of your goals?  Share them below!


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